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I’m a famous scientist who invented a machine which takes you back in time. I will be spending a day in the Stone Age (10,000BC) Roman (100AD and the plague (1500’s).


I’m in the Stone Age and I really don’t think I can stay here for a day. I’m living in a tree, it’s midday I think I shall get lunch. I gather berries and put them in  a basket. I go fishing and then I eat up my tree. Next I go and worship the deer skull then get some meat for dinner. Then I go to bathe. That’s the end of my day, let’s hop back to my invention.


I had decided to take a trip back through time, to compare have how times have changed.  First, I went to visit the Roman Times, it was very different to life now. The bath house was kind of like a naked swimming pool. The buildings were made of stone, but nowadays they’re made of brick.  They also had a pottery shop a Baker’s shop and carpenters but you hardly ever see them now. They had a temple instead of a church too. I decided I’d stayed there long enough, so I went off to visit the Georgians.  


I’ve always been inspired by the Romans in 100AD. I love their architecture and their gods and goddesses. First I went to the loo (shaking about in a box for 12 hours didn’t help!) It was smelly and no cubicles. Then I watched an awesome play in the amphitheatre. They had scary masks and it was about how Venus married Valcon.

Then I went to the temple of Jupiter to worship the mighty God and the best part was the bath-house. It was even better than baths today. Then for dinner I was invited to a widow’s house, when I looked out it was amazing.


Path 1 Path 1 PLAGUE Plaugue

Now I am in the 1500’s. I can’t get food or anything here or I will catch the plague and bring it back to my town. (That’s the secret about my invention. Anything I get here I bring it back.) It was madness. People had masks over their mouths. People burying unfortunate ones who died in the plague pits. Bats were everywhere. This is chaos. I hopped in my box and I was off. Back home. Finally.


path 2 georgian (1) Georgian

The Georgians were very fancy.  They had a wig shop instead of a barber’s or hairdressers. In most of the houses I saw, they had a room just for dancing or playing cards and maybe even one for reading out poetry. A lot of rich for fancy people had servants to get them things we don’t have them nowadays. There was a town hall and a lord’s mansion a squire’s house too. In the Inn, there was a few guest rooms and far.  I guess this was kind of like a hotel.  I now would go to my final destination, before returning home. Time for the late Victorians. 


Late Victorians Victorian Railway Station Path 1


As this was only the time after the Georgians, not much had changed.  The inn was still there, except it looked slightly different.  Something had been built underneath, replacing the coffee shop. The large house was now a Draper’s house with a Draper’s shop inside on the second floor.  There was no hair shop but there was a railway station with a steam train to take people to places. It is now a very popular way of transport, but now we have engined trains instead of ones that run on coal. Then church was still standing but

it now looks a little different. I now

decided to head back home enjoy

my wonderful adventure.

I did like visiting different

places in time, but I like

it the way it is.


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