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Another fantastic night on the beach: children had there first challenge: making sand castles. Here are their creative ensembles....


A fabulous day, sun shinning temperature high. Took a trip to Courseille market and children had a great time buying and bartering. Picnic at the beach. Then it was off to beautiful Honfleur to sketch the unique vista and visit St Catherine's church.


We were shown the activities we can do during the week – we can choose from a range of activities and subjects like English, history, science, RE and music. We spent the first part of the morning choosing activities and working on them. Some people made French menus, wrote quizzes about France and were even composing their own song!

We were then split into two groups to do French cooking. We made tartiflette, which is sliced potatoes, crème fraiche, garlic and French cheese with some herbs on top. It was really fun because our hands got all messy from the cheese!

After lunch, we had French food tasting. We tried our tartiflette (yummy!) and lots of other French food, including pate, French cheese, French bread, salami, Madaline cakes and crème caramel. We even had snails! Dan ate 11!


We carried on with our activities today and started to make a display for the parents for Friday. After break we went outside to play French games – French cricket and boule. It was really sunny and lots of fun!

After lunch we started our DT and art projects – people were making French buildings from cardboard, newspaper and lollypop sticks. We also created lots of beautiful art work showing different places in France and imitating the styles of French artists like Monet.

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Today we selected new activities – some of us made quizzes which we shared with Year 3, some have been practicing a play to perform later on in the week to Year 3, we’ve researched French festivals, the exchange rate from pounds to euros and some famous places and people from France.

In the afternoon we did DT and art again – carrying on with our projects from yesterday and starting new ones. Our classroom is full of Eiffel towers, Louvres and other French buildings! We’ve also researched different French artists to inspire our art work. We’ve been experimenting with different art mediums, some that we haven’t used before! I particularly enjoyed using acrylic.



Another busy day - finishing off some of our activities. The group who have been rehearsing the play that they had written, directed and produced have videoed the production to share with parents. Mrs Thomas was kept very busy with the musicians too - she has learnt how to use a sound recording device. We then worked together to mix the music. The afternoon was spent completing our Art & D.T ready for the exhibition tomorrow. Those who had finished helped Mrs Norton with "community service" - some jobs that she needed a little help with.

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We joined the Year 3 for assembly this morning and performed the play that we had written about Joan of Arc. Afterward the Year 6 shared a French breakfast together: croissants, pain au chocolat, French bread, pate, cheeses and jam with fruit juice or hot chocolate. It was lovely to sit outside with our friends and have breakfast together. Then Mrs Norton set us a challenge a “chasse au tresor” – a treasure hunt. We had for find things that began with each letter of the alphabet – then for extra points translate that into French. 6AL has been transformed into an exhibition space ready for our parents later today.

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