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‘Art stimulates creativity and imagination. It provides visual, tactile and sensory experiences and a unique way of understanding and responding to the world.’

National Curriculum 1999


Through the teaching of Art at Bilton Junior School we promote an understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the visual arts. Art enriches the curriculum and has the power to enrich our lives.


A good artist at Bilton Junior School is:


•Enthusiastic about Art

•Enjoys the creativity that Art allows

•Can talk about and appreciate the work of other artists

•Is able to evaluate their work and suggest ways to improve

•Is keen to develop and refine their skills

•Works with a range of skills, tools, media, with confidence

•Is able to apply their knowledge and understanding of Art to their own work.

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  • Foster an understanding and enjoyment of art, craft and design.

  • Develop children’s ability to observe, investigate, respond to and record the world around them through a variety of forms and media.

  • Teach children how to appreciate the work of other artists and crafts people from different times and cultures.

  • Develop children’s visual language and the ability to express their ideas and feelings in order to evaluate their own work and that of others.

  • Support children in making informed and creative choices of media, tools and technique for a given purpose and teach them how to use them safely and appropriately.

  • Deliver the National Curriculum by integrating the elements of art with the processes and practices of art to provide a broad and balanced art curriculum throughout each year.

  • Learn through art, extending and enriching other curriculum areas.

At Bilton Junior School we aim to:

Art Day

Take One Picture


Each year the National Gallery encourages primary school teachers and children to focus on one painting from the collection and respond creatively to its themes and subject matter, historical context, or composition.


Art leader, Faye McKee, attended a one day training session and returned to enthuse and train other staff in the delivery of an exciting arts week, which took place in the Summer term 2017.  The artwork in question was a fresco called, Penelope with the Suitors'.


The Gallery hosts the annual Take One Picture exhibition which showcases children’s responses to focus paintings. Our key aim was to enrich the curriculum and develop links with local artists.  All year groups responded in a variety of creative ways, led and inspired by the children in response to the fresco.  


Our chosen artist was Katie Morris from 'Works For Me', who loves engaging in local projects.  She helped Year 5 to produce some stunning stoneware pottery which was eventually mounted on an old, weathered beam of wood.  (See the PowerPoint Portfolio for the reasons behind this.)


Our final aim was to submit our work in the form of a portfolio in the hope that our work is chosen for the 2018 summer exhibition. Keep a look out to see if we are selected. It would be the cherry on the cake!


Thank you to all staff who helped to make this project a great success. It certainly did 'Inspire' and  'Challenge' everyone involved and all children were able to 'Achieve' a wonderful result in response to this piece.


Penelope with the Suitors

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