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The Burrow


Always Child:


One child from each class is picked once a month by their class teacher for having always been, kind, thoughtful, keen, engaged, and/or ready to learn.

Mrs Norton, our head teacher, then gives each of those children a personal invite to The Burrow for an hour of fun party games and food with her to     celebrate the children’s successes!

Charlotte D:

“It was lovely to be invited to have yummy food and spend some time with Mrs Norton.”

What is The Burrow?


The Burrow is a room within Bilton Junior School which provides a home-from-home atmosphere where children who may need additional support can come and learn in a relaxed and quiet environment. The Burrow allows the children the opportunity to access learning in a small group setting.  This rather unique classroom is equipped with items which would normally be found in a home; a dining table and chairs, a  comfy carpet, a sofa and a kitchen unit.

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‘BLT’ is the Burrow Lunch Team that runs every lunch time. A small group of   children   access the Burrow to allow them to have a relaxed and positive lunch break in a calm     environment. The first half an hour is spent playing team games, guided by an LSA and the second by our SEND teacher and home-school support worker who sit and eat lunch at the dining table with the children. There is a strong emphasis on modelling good manners and appropriate behaviour. The aims of the group are to encourage the social skills needed to have a happy and social lunch time out on the playground and to help support a calm   transition from lunch to afternoon learning.

Dan S:

“I have really loved my time in BLT. I have been able to make a lot of new friends and I think that my experience in BLT will help me when I go back outside for lunch and in the rest of my life.”

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The Burrowers:


A small group of children access a nurture-style provision run by our SEND teacher. The children come to daily breakfast sessions from 8.30am-9.15am and two afternoon sessions a week which are additionally supported by our home- school support worker.

Within the Burrow the children have their own personalised targets to work towards. The children learn about the importance of sharing, turn-taking, co-operative play and sensitivity to others. They are encouraged to improve their self-esteem through a variety of fun and engaging activities and are required to work as a team.

The overall aim of spending time in this group for the children to become equipped with the confidence and social skills they need to progress both academically and socially through life. The Burrow provides a happy, friendly, safe and secure base for the children to achieve this.

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