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Excellence Awards

3SV Abdullah Y for amazing home learning, well done!

3ES Jensen P for fantastic attitude to learning.

3ED Thomas T for hard work and concentration.

4FM Dexter M for being focused and hardworking

4MB Hanna S for a calm, sensible, hardworking approach.

4AT Rollover.

5JE Olivier D for super knowledge of our WW2 topic.

5AL Archie K for coming to school with a positive attitude!

5SS Lottie R for her enthusiasm and hard work in our WW2 topic.

6JB Arjan S for working very hard writing his Christmas Truce story.

6CC Lauren G for working really hard on her Christmas Truce story.

6KC Evie S for being an all round model pupil.

French: Lucas F (4FM) for working really hard to produce his menu.

Lunch Time Awards—Top Table


Every week Mr. Wilson awards children for demonstrating our Christian values during lunch time, the nominated children get an invitation to join the top table on the Friday of that week. This week the lunch time top table awards go to:


Service: Emmanuel A 3ED, Solomon C 4MB, Elijah T 3ES, Johnathan D 3ES, Edward G 3ES

Respect:Macy S 3ED


To nurture the growth of friendships in school we are changing the number of children who are invited on to the top table on a Friday from 12 to 6.

The 6 children who receive an invite will be asked to bring another pupil to accompany them. We want to encourage the children to ask someone who has never been invited to the top table in the past. This can be either a usual friend or someone in their class or year group they do not usually play with at lunchtime.


Picture6 Believe you can Picture1


We are delighted that BJS have been chosen to display our work at the Gallery.  The certificate below shows the recognition of our pupils work.

Miss Lewis and myself had an evening in London on Tuesday visiting The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. The reason for our visit was to go to the opening of a very special presentation linked to the 'Take One Picture' initiative led by Mrs McKee last year. We are one of 27 schools with art work put forward for their latest exhibition which takes you on a magical odyssey of creativity, encountering women of power and magical sea creatures along the way. Our Sweetheart brooches were linked to our World War 1 and 2 topics in Year 6.


For the 23rd Annual 'Take One Picture' exhibition, primary school children were encouraged to respond to Pintoricchio's Penelope with the Suitors. If you get the chance to visit the Gallery's Sunley Room is free to enter and is well worth a visit between 9th May- 12 August 2018. Look out over the next few days in the entrance area to school and you will see the other pieces of art work we created as part of the initiative. We have plastic bag art, printing and also an amazing  sculpture for you to enjoy.


Always Child


3SV Isla E -Always tries her very best in everything she does.

3ED Orla G - Always ready to learn and doing the right thing.

3ES Olivia K - Consistently goes over and above.

4FM Sophia S - Always can be relied upon and sets a good example for others.

4AT Liam H - Always puts 100% in!

4MB Shayla F - Always does her best.

5AL Shivani A - Always positive in class and studious.

5SS Danny M - Always ready to help, especially in ICT!

5JE Olivier D - Always enthusiastic with his topic work!

6KC Evie S - Always working hard and doing the right thing.

6CC Ellie W - Always doing her best and encouraging others.

6JB Charlotte N - Always being polite, well behaved and working hard.


Star reader of the week

3SV Simrut for super reading.

3ED Evie P for fantastic reading and quizzing.

3ES Frank C for great reading

4FM Nihal S for keen quizzing.

4MB Leah D for fantastic effort with reading assessments

4AT Poppee G-S for supportive attitude towards others.

5JE Oscar R for superb reading and quizzing.

5AL Kiefer T for completing a couple of books this week.

5SS Oliver W for always having his reading book out!

6JB Eva S for being a super reader and using great


6CC Oliver P for showing a love of reading.

6KC Mya L for clear, expressive reading.

Mathematician of the week


3SV Jaya for always trying hard in maths

3ED Orla for hard work in maths.

3ES Ellie for always trying her best.

4FM Vali C for a fantastic 9 times table this week.

4MB Thomas H for 100% focus and effort.

4AT Rollover.

5JE Charlie G got super explanation about perimeter.

5AL Amelie T ffor consistently good attitude to maths work.

5SS Abel T for his fabulous attitude to maths.

6JB Harvey T fro always working really hard in maths.

6CC Hannaa Y for working hard to catch up in maths.

6KC Eden