3JE Alfie N For making a great effort in all of his writing this week

3AL Zoe S For her interesting thoughts with her 'read and respond' on the book Coming to England about Floella Benjamin

3ED Sofia G For careful and thoughtful note taking

4VF Pola For trying hard with speech punctuation this week.

4CC Lola For excellent ideas in her speech this week

4SS George R for his lovely use of speech in his writing

5ES Anaiah For lovely sentence stacking vocabulary

5JB Alec For thinking carefully about his vocabulary choices

5MB Lottie F For persevering with joining her handwriting and making it beautifully neat

6SM Charlie N for very focussed work on planning his biography

6KC Grace Fantastic use of vocab

6AT Ava For detailed and careful editing of own work French Isaiah

5ES For using previous "Interesting Info" to write his own new one.

3JE Ibby S For super mathematical reasoning

3AL Oliver U For practising maths as he walks around the track

3ED Harvey W For excellent maths skills

4VF Braden For explanations using correct mathematical language.

4CC Hanna Working really hard in maths

4SS Harry for his amazing attitude in maths. You can do it!

5ES Frank For persevering with rounding

5JB Olivia H For showing great effort when working independently

5MB Zach M For good reasoning and explanations

6SM Sandra P for her explanations of divisibility tests

6KC Elle For always giving her best effort

6AT Liam For great reasoning and use of mathematical vocabulary.

3JE Natalia N-D For always making great contributions in classroom discussion

3AL Eden S For her enthusiasm in her role as one of our Worship leaders

3ED Esmee F For always being ready to learn, focused and ready to contribute

4VF Riley Fantastic work in science this week

4CC Elise K For working hard on her spelling

4SS Evan L for being so helpful and supportive towards the newest member of the class

5ES Freya For being kind and respectful to everyone

5JB Jaiden For being respectful and helpful in class

5MB Joseph G For consistent hard work and effort

6SM Leah D For growing confidence in her learning and making more frequent contributions

6KC Ruqaiya Always making her best effort

6AT Grace For always being ready to learn and working hard French Eve T

6SM For always being ambitious with her register answer..

3JE Esmai-Rose D For being really positive about her learning and showing great perseverance in tasks

3AL Isla V For being kind and caring as she noticed a person in the class did not have a partner to work with

3ED Hanna K For generosity and friendship - Hanna is always ready and willing to help

4VF Ellie-May Generosity and friendship - Helping a friend with their work

4CC Julia For being a helpful talk partner

4SS Albie for his beautiful singing - it made Mdme Jago smile

5ES Sophie For being truthful and honest in class

5JB Cole For being respectful to himself and others by making great behaviour choices

5MB Simrut For responsibility - taking care over her work and presenting it beautifully

6SM Shayla F For friendship and humility - a caring, gentle member of the class.

6KC Lulu Carrying out her house

captain duties with great diligence 6AT Emme For service - helping Mrs Thompson with lost property at lunchtime

French Rose M 4VF For wisdom and respect - fantastic tracking and listening


Chestnut 5ES

Sycamore 3JE

Oak 6AT

Jasmine A 4SS Friendship

Harmony N-T 5JB Respect

Jonathan D 5JB Respect

Ezekiel H 5JB Respect

lec E 5JB Respect

Miller G 5MB Service

Zoe S 3AL Wisdom

Darcy C 3AL Wisdom

Christabel A 3AL Wisdom

Amy H 6KC for her outstanding kindness

Henry for his positive attitude

A big thank you to our year 6 children who have been to The Haven and wish them well in their new school!

As you know at the end of each year we celebrate some special achievements with our children. Here are our Inspire, Challenge and Achieve Winners this year:

These children have been an inspiration to us all, as have all the children in BJS during this unprecedented time. Finally we would like to wish our year 6 pupils all the very best as they move on to the next stage of their learning journey at high school. Best wishes Mrs Webb and the BJS team

Our Inspire award goes to Abel T who from the moment he was involved in his accident, he has shown courage dealing with a very difficult situation. During his time in hospital, the staff repeatedly commented on how courteous and brave he was. His family are full of admiration for how well he coped with the accident, in hospital and back at home. Since returning to school, Abel has demonstrated immense resilience by not letting his wheelchair and crutches hamper his education and social time. He has adapted to the classroom and outside space seamlessly and has remained positive and determined throughout this healing time. Abel is an inspiration to us all when faced with difficult times in our lives - courageous, determined, resilient.

Our Challenge award goes to Jayden B who has made great progress during his 4 years with us in so many ways. This year though we have been particularly impressed. Jayden had a shaky start to the year as he faced many challenges which led to him struggling to control his temper at times, however he engaged with help he has been offered, has shown a willingness to listen to adults when they offer advice and is now keeping out of trouble. Jayden has made some very sensible friendship choices, has become a reliable helper who shows initiative and has developed a can do attitude which has led to all his work vastly improving! He has also developed his independent work and a really mature sense of humour and fun!'

Our Achieve award goes to Martha K who is always polite, hardworking and kind and excels in any task set. Martha is a real mentor to her friends and is extremely sensible in her outlook. She is always willing to support anybody who might need some help be they child or adult and will always use her initiative. Martha was a popular choice for House captain and has been a great role model in all that she does which is always with enthusiasm and a sense of fun.

Our Passion for Learning award goes to Amelie T who has engaged with any opportunities offered to her to extend her learning experiences. She is always first to arrive at sessions and completes her homework on time. Amelie demonstrates a constant willingness to help others as well as demonstrating a passion for her learning. Amelie has also been an excellent deputy house Captain and put herself forward for a leading part in the play. Lockdown did not dampen Amelie’s enthusiasm as she regularly attended the google meetings and completed all her work at home. An all-round good egg!

Our lunchtime team have chosen Alicia M who throughout her time at BJS has shown herself to be a very positive and friendly young lady who always has a smile on her face and sees the best in people. At lunchtimes Alicia is keen to help staff and support anyone who looks sad or doesn't have someone to play with. She has been a real asset to have in our school.

As you know at the end of each year we celebrate some special achievements with our children. Here are our Inspire, Challenge and Achieve Winners this year: