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Mrs Meeks trotted over from two hours of ‘working her magic’ as Mrs Baker would say and finding the clues she said to Mr Baker it was either Mr Baker himself (she did tell him that there were a lot of red herrings around the crystal ball stand.) Mr Baker was relieved that Mrs Meeks had finally found some red herrings and was sure she was going to find out who it was and capture them. Anyway she had an idea who it was and was pretty sure it was her cousins. She told Mr Baker that she knew that it was her cousins because she had a fingerprint  of them and it was exactly theirs.

She went to meet them and checked and checked all around the house and finally saw the great big... CRYSTAL BALL!                                

After Mrs Meeks came out from under their bed; Mrs Meeks quickly trotted back over to the living room and tried not to make it obvious.

“Have you enjoyed having the crystal ball?” asked Mrs Meeks

“Umm  w.. w.. What are you talking about?” replied Sophie full of guilt!

“The crystal ball under your bed!”

“Oh.. yeah that crystal ball right   !” replied Sophie.

Mrs Meeks arrested Sophie under theft and is in the cold horrible cell for nine months. Mrs Meeks went home and ate a good slice of the apple pie!

The rain suddenly lashed down as Mrs Meeks, top detective, baked an apple pie in the burning hot oven. Her classical music of Albatross was playing away in the background. The phone suddenly rang and Mrs Meeks waddled over and gently picked it up. There came a voice and they didn’t sound very nice!

“Hello Mrs Meeks are you there? Somebody has stolen the crystal ball from the art museum.”

Mrs Meeks was shocked.

“What are you saying? Are you saying to me that someone from the art museum has stolen the great big crystal ball?” entreated Mrs Meeks.

“Yes I really need you to come now!" Moaned Mr Baker.

Mrs Meeks was there in a blast!

“Oh thank goodness you’re here; I was beginning to think you weren’t going to come!” Mr Baker told Mrs Meeks.

“Oh well, I’m here now so don’t you worry, so where is this stand where the ball was supposed to be!” asked Mrs Meeks. “It’s just over here so follow me!”

Mrs Barker said.

Mrs Meeks waddled over to where Mr Barker was pointing his big fat sausage finger.

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