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Forest Schools Ethos:-


Forest School is based more on the process of learning than it is on the content - more on the 'how' than the 'what'. This means that genuine Forest School practice steps boldly out of the shadow and limitation of 'planned activities' and ventures collaboratively into the realms of the unplanned, unexpected and ultimately unlimited. Children and young people are given encouragement to direct their own learning - this often requires catalysing on the part of the Forest School leader either through stimulating play in the outdoors or through 'scaffolding' a child's learning, but mostly through simply observing how children are in the outdoors.

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The second day of forest schools we got a arrow from the willow then we used seceters to cut.  The sticks to make a arrow. We  went to Cock Robin woods when we got there we tried to find a good stick to make a bow then we got some string and tied it at the bottom and then once we had set up the bow we then started to fire them. We tried to hit the targets to score the maximum of 100 points.

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The third day of forest schools mr Byrne set us the challenge of building a waterproof den before it rained - it was a sunny day! We went into teams of 5 to make our dens. We used dry moss, dry sticks and ivy to make our den. All of a sudden it rained! From cartons that mr Byrne through over us.

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Today at forest schools we split into teams and went on a treasure hunt. We had to find letters and combine them together to make a sentence to find. It was a little bit like scrabble. Some of the riddles were really hard like the one that we had to use the suns position. Once we had all of the letters we put them all together and it spelt, treasure is by the bridge' so we all went to find the chest. Thomas was the lucky one to find it and decided to share it with everyone.


"I love forest schools"

"It is really cool"

"I love the capture the flag game - defending and attacking techniques are hard!"

"My favourite bit was making the bow and arrows"

"Sharpening the sticks with penknives was great!"


This week at forest schools we tried to tie knots. They were called an anchor knot and the second knot was a double c knot or tension knot. Next we set up our parachute in a good area to make our survivial hut. Up next we built a table under the parachute aswell as a fire pit and benches to make our survival comfortable. We then went looking for bugs. We found millipedes, earwigs and also found worms.

What a great session!

The bag award went to Will for getting stuck in with everything.

The forest schoolers.

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Forest school is the worlds best survival school in the galaxy!


Yesterday at forest schools, we tried to make waterproof dens. The first thing we did was got the biggest, longest and chunkiest log we could find and hooked it onto a tree. We had to find a tree with a Y shape and we put it into the Y shape so it was diagonal. Then we placed lots of sticks against the log and filled the gaps with moss. It started to rain a little bit then mr Byrne made it chuck it down with a bottle full of water. We tested to see whether it was water proof or not.

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Forest school, with Mrs Satsangi, was really cool and awesome yesterday. It was really good and fun.  First we looked at a den structure that was already there and why that was strong (shape etc).  We then used some of the techniques to build our structures strong.  We built houses for animals and fairy to live in.  We built a bird nest and house for a mouse. We tried lots of different designs and then decided on one.  We used sticks, moss, feathers and a bit of the tree to hold it up.   We worked in small groups.  It was great teamwork.  It looked awesome.  We also built a home for a fairy.  At the end for our reflection we wrote words on brown dry leaves, words to describe today’s session.  We wrote words like awesome, fun and cool.

Josh and Conor


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Today at forest schools we made an epic tree house. Blessing made a brilliant ladder to help us all get into the tree house. We got some logs to make it extra cool and strong. We then put logs across to stand, sit and lay on. Afterwards we made a little area that was waterproof with a bag that we found and put sticks around it to make a wall.

All of sudden it pored down with rain and we got absolutely soaked!

Dan found a centipede and a centipede larva.

From the forest schools team.


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This week at forest school we play lots of fun games like capture the flag and orienteering. We had to find loads of letters around the woodland and follow instructions to find the next clue. We had to put them together to find where the treasure was. It was under the bridge. Reuben, Dan, Neo and Blessing came screaming through as they found the treasure clues first. When we opened the chest we were so excited and shared all the goodies out. There were some great jokes too like, why can't penguins play football, because it's snowball.


On Monday in Forest School we were trying to climb a tree but we found it difficult to climb up.  So we decided to build a ladder with some strong and thick branches and rope.  Mrs Satsangi helped us to tie the knots.  When the ladder was complete we stood on the ladder tand tested it but it broke so we had to fix it again.  The ladder looked fabulous and strong.

Next Monday we found out that the ladder was broken.  We think that the Boggarts have broken our ladder and den.  So we decided to make some magic wands to cast a spell on the Boggarts to protect the woods.  We used sticks, ropes and a variety of leafs to make our wand.  We then wrote our spells and read them out loudly.  It was fun and exciting because we had to hunt for the leaves.

Harry and Thomas


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On Monday we set off to go to Cock Robin Wood on Dunchurch road with Mrs Satsangi. It was very exciting because we were going to learn to make a picture frame out of sticks and string. We learnt how to do a cross knot and we decorated the frames with natural materials. They looked amazing. After that we played Steal the Flag game where we split up into two teams and had a flag for each team. We had to hide the flags for the other team to find and capture.  The first team to find the other teams flag wins. We had great fun hiding our flags in the woods.        

By Lola and Aleks


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On Monday we learnt to make a bow and arrow with sticks and string as part of our learning about survival skills.  The hardest part was finding the correct bendy stick for the bow.  Then we had a competition to see whose arrow goes the furthest.  Kryspan and I were the stars of the competition.  We also learnt how to use a pen knife to whittle the wood.  We were very excited and surprisingly very good at it.  We made pegs to hold our shelters down as it was a windy day.

By Lola and Kryspan



Our first Forest School:

We safely skipped down to Cock Robin Wood where we started our journey. We began by exploring for a few minutes and discovering our new site. Also we found a den abandoned by the long lost tribe many many years ago. Minutes later, we saw a Peregrine Falcon flying at 200 miles per hour!!! (Actually it was Robin which Kamil spotted). We found a triangle made out of sticks and string to connect them. There were loads of them lying around the woods. We believe that it was a sign from the long lost tribe and we look forward to finding out more.

It was the most fun anyone could have.




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I just wanted to give you a little snapshot of some of the work done at Forest School. We have been focusing on building dens to start off with, encouraging communication and team work. The children really do seem to be enjoying it and hopefully they are sharing some of their experiences.

This week in Forest School. We tidied up the site moving some of the dead wood from off the pathways. We also created some bug hotels using the wood piles to form new habitats. The children also really enjoyed creating a 'tree-saw'.

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This week at forest school we made bows and arrows. The children used knives, created knots and helped each other make both bows and arrows. Some broke some lasted but the children seemed to really enjoy making and using them during the session.

On Monday, a group of children went to Cock Robin Woods with Mr Evans. When lunch time had finished we all walked down the road to the woods. After we had arrived we walked through the other half of the wood. After we did that we went to our camp to play some games. We decided to play sardines. We then split into 3 groups. The first group went with Mr Evans to whittle the outside layer of a stick to make a spear. The other 2 groups went to find their sticks. Once we had all finished whittling we went to build our own dens. A bit later on we watched some of the boys climb up trees and jump back down again before writing our reflections. Finally, we walked out of the woods and back to school (ready for home time).

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Last time at Forest School we had a game of hide and seek. We hid in some strange but some good spaces, some of the others took the camouflage to blend in with the leaves.

Next, we got to do whatever we wanted. The others went to do some den building then they started to climb a tree they made a ladder to get up to the tree and they got down by JUMPING! Luckily, they didn’t hurt themselves. While I was there I started to make a swing for them but it wasn’t good I think it needed a little bit more rope. I tried to get the rope up to a tree branch but it was too high.

I also started making a GIANT pencil but it was taking ages.


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At Forest School on the 26/06/2017 we did some art for art week. It was a challenge because we only had some recourses like sticks, green leaves, brown leaves and string. We were going to make parts of ‘Penelope with the suitors’ fresco. It was painted by Pintoricchio. Firstly we made an outline exactly the same size as the fresco in the ground.

Some of the children were tied to a tree just like Odysseus with mast and we took some photographs to support.

After that we marked and coloured the picture like the floor in the real painting. We did that by gathering green and brown leaves and placing them in squares we made out of sticks. We covered the whole painting with leaves.

At the end of the day we tried to make red paint by squashing red berries, but it didn’t work that well.

By Joseph

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We joined in with "Art Week" atForest School.


Making an outline exactly the same size as the fresco

Using a checkered board like the floor in the image

Recreating Odysseus on the mast

Creating our own paints to use on the ground

Attaching flag to the mast.