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A Year 6 Blog from France

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We are on our way!

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Residential accommodation all sorted.

Happy children and their first night on the beach and some dry weather!

Children enjoyed a morning shopping French style in Courseille sur Mer and then an afternoon in the picturesque Honfleur seeing the sights and scenes.


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Mr Cantillon showing children how to skim stones.

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Weather a little better for the beach.




Children having fun times on the beach.

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Children all very civilised and independent having their breakfast!

A great day and the rain stayed away; went to goat farm.

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A great day and the rain stayed away; went to goat farm.

Carmen getting stuck in to her farming duties! A natural!

Children really organised - parents you are missing out, can you believe! Outfits laid out for tomorrow morning! Don't you just love them!

Bayeux cathedral -  ice creams and beach. Children really enjoyed all activities and we are really enjoying their company.

Freddie bringing his learning over to France and is a whizz on what the differences are on gargoyles and grotesques.

Enjoying ice-creams in picturesque sunny Bayeux.


A really great day at Pegasus Bridge and 360 cinema. Children really were moved by the experience.


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