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Day One


Travelling by coach and ferry we finally arrived at our accomodation and settled down to our evening meal.


Then it was off to the beach!




Day Two


Started off with a continental breakfast.

Followed by shopping in Coursuelles-Sur-Mer market. Lots of bartering and bits bought - as always the leather bracelet man was busy.

After our picnic lunch in Coursuelles, we headed off to beautiful Honfleur to sketch the fabulous vista and then took a walk up to St. Catherine’s a 15th century church, the largest wooden built church in France, Home to relics of St Therese of Lisieux and said a prayer for our loved ones and those that could not travel with us.

Off back to the Centre then to write up our memories of the day, dinner and finally beach time - another day comes to a close.


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Day Two


As we end a busy day we wish you a very good night from the beach where we are spending the evening watching a beautiful sunset.

Goodnight from us all.

Day Three


Bernières-sur-Mer historical walk/talk with Our historical guru Mr Cantillon.

IMG_3419 IMG_3415 IMG_3416 IMG_3430 IMG_3423 IMG_3427 IMG_3428 IMG_3464 IMG_3460 IMG_3440 IMG_3445 IMG_3485 IMG_3423

Day 4


World War II day, first headed to Pegasus Bridge (Ranville) then to Arromanches 360 cinema and then to Bayeux cemetery. A day for the children to reflect and take on board all that they have seen and learnt. X

IMG_3518 IMG_3500 IMG_3510 IMG_3517 IMG_3523

Day 5

Homeward bound: a lie in this morning. However, most children up, we packed and had our final breakfast and said goodbye to the courteous Corinne, who has looked after us so well.

Stopped off at Caen castle and gave the children an informative historical tour of the Castles horrible history, a quick roll down a grass slope and a quick play in the playground!

Last picnic, lunch at Caen harbour and then off to the ferry!

Goodnight from us all.

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