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Rugby in Bloom Competition Winners 2011, 2012 & 2013


Rugby in Bloom awards - BJS PLATINUM!

On Monday 16th September five members of the Allotment and Gardening Club went to the Rugby in Bloom Award Ceremony for Primary Schools at the Benn Hall.

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We were very proud to

be presented with our

first platinum award -

the best that there is!

Thank you to all of the

children who have helped out with Allotment / Gardening Club over the last year.

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After having our photograph taken with the Mayor of Rugby and enjoying some delicious snacks, we were then permitted to enter

the Mayor's Parlour and tried on some of the counsellor's robes.

The children who attended were a credit to the school, as are all the others who have braved the weather, come rain or shine, in the allotment / gardening club.

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