The Junior Leadership Team

Our school has had a long tradition of valuing the thoughts and opinions of the entire community and especially the learners who are central to all we do. Working alongside the Senior Leadership Team, (SLT) we have a Junior Leadership Team, (JLT) which consists of the house leaders from each house as well as one or two democratically elected class representatives.

We are pleased to announce that we have a brand new JLT Team. Their three priporities are going to be working on a Healthy Snack Policy, monitoring Learning behaviours and raising money for our chosen charity...yet to be decided!

The JLT meets fortnightly and begins each meeting with a report from every class representative on the weekly learning target discussed and agreed during the class Learning Forum. This helps us to monitor whole school trends as well as check that barriers to our learning are dealt with effectively by the class teacher. Our job is to also support the weekly Learning Ambassadors whose job it is to monitor the quality of learning in their class and share this learning with any visitors who come into our learning zone.

Other items on the agenda might be related to concerns over the quality of any specific area of school life or possible fundraising ideas so that we give back to the local or global community.

Healthy Snack Policy

Monitoring Learning behaviours


Raising money for our chosen charity