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A green room has being created at BJS by Nick and the crew helped by our Eco club members so we can have some shade in the summer.

Firstly they coppiced 200 willow rods to bring to school. Next they marked out the design for the room on the grass. Then they used a power drill to make some large holes and a steel spike to make deep, narrow holes (about 400m of the green is designed to face North to give maximum shad). It was created by weaving willow branches into a diamond shape.  A 1.2/1.3m willow fence was built around

the bower with a North facing arched entrance.  

We will need to put compost and bark chipping around the willow to stop the weeds from growing. It will needs lots of water. This will be the job of the Eco School members. The willow is dormant in the winter months from November to April.

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