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At Bilton CE Junior School we are implementing a Mastery approach to Mathematics lessons.  This means spending greater time going into depth about concepts using a small steps approach to secure knowledge, fluency and understanding.  We believe that all children can be successful at mathematics and it is our duty to ensure that our pupils have a deeper understanding of the content and skills and that they develop resilience and perseverance when reasoning and solving problems.

We are confident that learning at a steadier and deeper pace, benefits all children.  This ensures no child is left behind as well as providing challenges to stretch and deepen children who grasp content quickly.

We focus on all children achieving what is expected for their age group and not beyond it.  Evidence shows that all children need to develop deeper understanding of concepts and be able to apply their understanding to a range of situations and creatively solve problems.

We provide swift intervention as needed on a daily basis to enable pupils to keep up and provide additional time, experiences and resources to ensure pupils are able to access the learning of their peers.

Further Challenges are provided in lessons to stretch and deepen understanding of pupils who grasp concepts quickly.

We provide enrichment activities such as the primary maths challenge, Jo Boaler’s  week of inspirational maths and The Young Mathematicians Award – of which we are currently the National Winners!

In lessons you will see:

•We are spending longer on one problem or concept.

•Whole class participation with pupils taught together, most of the time.

•Whole class targets of the concept to be mastered in this unit of work.

•Independent practise time where pupils apply their new knowledge in multiple ways.

•Pupils talking to each other to secure their learning and try out ideas.

•Teachers targeting questions to individuals to deepen their knowledge.

•Verbal feedback during lessons, self-marking by pupils and highlighting of correct work.

•Pupils working in mixed ability classes.

•High expectations of pupil responses in full sentences with mathematical terminology and explanations.

•Use of real life applications wherever possible to make learning relevant.

•Giving children who need it, additional support, over a short period of time.

•Challenges available linked to current learning to deepen understanding of children who grasp the content more quickly.

•Regular reviews of learning.

This approach to Mathematics is seen as good practice and is promoted by the government.  A mastery approach to mathematics at Bilton CE Junior School is being developed by all staff, with guidance from Mrs Thompson, who is on the Mastery Specialist teacher program.




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