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P.E. Kit:


Black or white plain cotton/nylon shorts (not cycling shorts)

Plain white T-shirt.

Black pumps/ bare feet for indoor use.

Trainers for outdoor use.



Both boys and girls may wear plain navy or black jogging bottoms and a navy sweatshirt for games sessions. Navy blue BJS jogging suit available from the school*.

If being bought elsewhere it must be plain navy blue with no logos or stripes.


Please label your child’s P.E. kit and put it in a small named bag. P.E days can change so keep kit in school all week.

Promoting sport, games and physical involvement at lunch and break times.


Our team of trained sports leaders ensure children have the opportunity to play games and participate in a variety of stimulating sports activities during school breaks and lunchtimes. They are able to use a range of equipment to promote active lunchtimes from skipping ropes and balls to climbing wall and trim trail. The introduction of a regular "marathon" day has been a great success allowing children to complete a marthon distance over the year.

What are the competitive opportunities that my child can participate in?


Cross country

Neighbourhood athletics

Indoor athletics

Netball tournaments

Football tournaments

Swimming gala

Hotshots basketball tournaments and matches. Last year our older team made it to the county finals!

Other sporting activities that we offer at Bilton junior school.


Free Multiskills clubs at Harris school to help develop children's gross motor skills if needed.

Bikability for year 6 - in the summer/spring term year 6 will have the opportunity to put themselves on a subsidised course.

For more outdoor learning Forest Schools and allotment club.


Sport and physical exercise is interwoven into everyday life at BJS from the active lunchtimes and weekly P.E. lessons to competitive competition inside and outside school hours. We endeavour at BJS to make sport accessible and enjoyable for all and with the Sports Premium Fundingt funding we are tailoring our school curriculum to not only meet the traditional aspects such as gymnastics, football, tennis etc but to allow children to try their hand at something alternative such as wave boarding, trigolf, archery just to list a few.

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For more information please contact [email protected]

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