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Hello Everyone, I got back from PGL in one piece! We had a fabulous time and children were a pleasure to be with. We were commended by PGL staff for having well mannered and enthusiastic children. I felt really proud :-)


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What the children had to say -


"We loved getting stuck on the giant swing" - Joel

"Try everything at least once." - Jessica  - "Try to conquer your fears"

"You need to put in your full concentrating on quad biking." Charlie "enjoy it!' - Thomas

"I feel very independent" - Daisy  

"The Giant swing was epic." - Isaac

"Demi getting stuck in a tunnel -Blayze

What thePGL staff had to say -


"Best team work I have seen in ages" - pulling each other up on the Giant swing

"Working together will give tight knots and hold the raft together - These knots are not coming loose" - while Raft building - It floated!

"It's really nice to see your children supporting and encouraging one another" - When a child was reluctant to go in the Tunnel trail.

What the Mr byrne had to say -


"A pleasure to bring you to PGL .I am proud of all of you" - at the nightly meeting after giving star of the day awards