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We had to work together as a team to solve a number of different problems.

"We had to get the see-saw to balance for at least

10 seconds. It was really difficult - with everyone trying to move at the same time. Once one person took the lead and everyone else sat still we did a better job."

"Building a rocket took four people to pull on their ropes to get it lined up. It was NOT easy!"

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Getting ready to 'Go over the edge'

"It was really high and I was quite scared but I did it in the end!"

"Here we are sat in the safety shed with Mr Evans - Our group leader. We waited here until it was our turn to go up the tower or we were helping to disconnect the ropes after someone else came down"

" I Loved It."


Oct 2017

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"During sensory trail we played a game called 'bat moth' where 3 people were blindfolded, the bats and the rest were the moths. By shouting "bats" the bats were allowed to take one step to try and touch a moth. The moths then shouted "moth" and were allowed to move one step away from the bats. The bats had to use all their senses to try and get closer to the pesky moths. it was really hard not being able to see!

Sensory Trail


When we had our blindfolds on we followed a rope through the woods and had to go over, under and around different obstacles. I didn't like not being able to see where I was going"

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Raft Building

"Mrs Norton checking that we will all stay safe on the water"

"This is us - we are planning how to build our raft. we used film canisters wooden rods and elastic bands. Our Leader from PGL helped us with some ideas."

"This is a figure of eight knot. Everyone learnt how to tie this knot so that we could build our raft"

" Working together as a team to build the raft."

" It floated for a short time! Then we got wet!."

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Giant Swing

"It was so high but great fun. It was hard work pulling each other up though."

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Zip Wire

"It felt really high and it was a long way but it was over very quickly but great fun I am glad i did it."

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" We are learning how to map read. It all makes sense now

hold the map unside down!"

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