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"You need to try and have a go at everything."


"If you don't have a go you will regret it."


"Whatever happens you'll enjoy it"


"It's as not as bad as you think if you have trust"


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My group had taken part in many breath-taking activities, however my favourite activity was abseiling because I think I have conquered my fear of heights. Abseiling is a heart beating climb. As I climbed up the stairs of the tower, I felt a frightened side of me and an excited side of me.

Finally, when it was my turn I was very enthusiastic I forgot all about being scared. Unfortunately, when I looked down I felt the fearful feeling coming back! But I was brave enough to climb down in jumps and successfully reached the ground safely.

Now I have conquered my fear of height I would definately come back for more abseiling.




On Wednesday 30th of April we went on a school trip to PGL (at Shropshire’s, Boreaton Park. When you get to year 5, in our school, you get the opportunity choose whether you would like to go there or not.


My highlight at PGL was the “Giant Swing,” it was not actually quite scary and terrifying! This was because when you choose to go right to the top it’s so high that even if you don’t want to look down your mind is pushing you to try and get you to so eventually you look down! It was so scary when my partner, Sye, pulled the thin, string, chord because you never know when you are going to go flying. All you hold on to is a metal bar.


If I went back to PGL again sometime I think that I would properly go back onto the giant swing again so I can build some more of my confidence up more as I did then. I am so proud of myself for going doing every activity we got to do.


In my personal opinion, the most fun and thrilling activity was obviously the weirdly great ‘Giant Swing’. The reason I thought it was so utterly fun was the fact that you did it everyday,  it was like normal, but on a much bigger scale, so you knew exactly what was going to happen in a fun way yet it seemed so scary.

When we first saw the swing everybody was left open-mouthed. As me and my already chosen partner, Joel got closer to the swing it seemed less mind-blowing as well it started to optically shrink! (Which was weird). The teacher asked who wanted to go first, once we got into the safety-shed, and instantly two hands shot up (guess who’s). Meanwhile the instructor was getting ready to launch us up on the swing by setting up the ropes. Just after that we were strapped to the swing at the top of a pole. The teacher counted us down 1 2 3 you can guess what happened next...


My highlight of the trip was the abseiling because I was scared at first but once I had a go I really enjoyed it!

Firstly we met up with our instructor [Amy] and she took us along to the abseiling site. We clipped our harnesses and tightened them so we got a PGL wedgie!

I walked up the winding staircase and soon got to the top of the abseiling tower. Amy hooked the rope onto me and she told me to step through the metal bars and lean over the railings. I started to get really scared and I felt frightened that I wound fall.

Finally I was allowed to move down and soon I wiped off my tears and started to bounce, it was really fun! After I was smiling and touching ground , unclipping my harness.

I faced my fear of heights and I really hope I can do it again.



Kayaking (my main highlight) was a success for me. At first it was difficult because I just kept going around in circles, but I soon got the hang of it; and somehow I got myself in a splash fight with the other kayakers and I was drenched! One of our instructors (who we called dumbledore) kept splashing us with his paddle by whipping it through the water. Although it was easy to turn on the spot, the real challenge was moving forward in a straight line. But eventually, I managed to go forward with no zig zag or turns. Afterwards in pairs, we took up the boats and had a shower.

If I could do kayaking again, I would. I thorouglyh enjoyed it. No activity could beat kayaking!



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giant swing 1 giant swing 3

Year 5 residential trip to PGL in Shropshire

When we got off the coach on Wednesday, everybody was exited Really exited! We unpacked our things in our dorms and went off for 3 days of thrilling activities we wouldn’t normally be able to do in school.


All of the activities were awesome in their own ways, so when we tried them we all got cared or exited in different ways!

It was really high...

Mr Byrne on the giant swing!

Feeling nervous...

Giant swing


I forgot about being scared...

It was really fun to bounce down the tower

Smiling and on the ground...


giant swing 4 kayaking  0

Finally going in a straight line!

Quad Bikes

Quad Bikes

I really enjoyed the quad bikes. This suprised me a bit as I have never been on one before and I didn't know what to expect.

The rain had stopped by the time It was my turn to put the helmet and gloves on and have a go. The instructor told me what to do and walked with me until I got the hang of it. Then I was off!

There were two of us on the course at a time and the rest of the group watched from the safety shelter.





I can't tell who this is!

Sensory trail

Sensory Trail

The sensory Trail meant that we had to work together and trust one another to pass the instuctions back down the line. We all had a turn at the front.

The instructor told us we had done really well and had "made her day!"

It is hard when you can't see where you are going.



During my time at the archery activity I got better and better. At first I could not hit the target. By the time we finished I was able to hit the target and got an arrow in the red ring. The things that helped me get better were to slow down and stand as still as I could.



Camp Fire

Camp Fire

On the first night we went to the camp fire where the PGL Groupies told us stories and taught us some songs. We all sat on some stone steps and sang song that we were being taught and did the actions.


After that we went back to rooms and had a big Y5



Then it was time for bed.

Aim... release... hit the target!

"PGL was an adrenaline rushing experience."


"I had a great time lots of excitement and overcoming some fears."


"A fun and thrilling experience"


"Best time of my life"

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