Admissions Policy
Anti Bullying Policy
Anti bullying at BJS leaflet
Attendance Policy
Behaviour Policy
Behaviour procedure
Behaviour blueprint
Charging & remissions 21.22 - BCF
Child Protection & Safeguarding
SG 2018-2019 SG policy summary
Safeguarding policy COVID public update
Complaints Policy BCF
Complaints Procedure BCF
Child Friendly Complaints Procedure BCF
Complainants - unacceptable behaviour Policy BCF
Serial & Unreasonable Complainants Policy BCF
Computing policy
Data Protection Policy
Appendix to Dignity at Work BCF
English Policy
E-safety Policy
Equality & Accessibility Action Plan - BJS
Equality & Accessibility Policy - BCF

Equality & Diversity Information & Objectives Statement - BJS
Feedback Policy
Fire Building Emergency Evacuation Plan (BEEP) - BJS
Handling & Restraint
Home Learning Policy
Lettings policy 21.22 - BCF
Mathematics Policy
Music Policy
Privacy Notice Parent & Pupils
Promoting equality and diversity
PSHE Policy
Pupils Acceptable Use Agreement
R.E. Policy
Remote Learning Policy BJS
Remote Learning Policy BCF
SMSC Policy
Teaching Learning and Assessment Policy
Travel Policy
Worship Policy
Young Carer's Policy

Requests for paper copies

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