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Hello BJS Project X Readers,


It's Mrs Barnes here...I hope you are all keeping safe and well. I am missing you all very much and our Project X sessions. I thought you may like some ideas as to what to do for Project X whilst we are not able to come to school.


Read ANY books you have at home fact or fiction, see if you can pick out words with a certain sound in them. For example ie,igh,or,ur,ae etc make a list of them and put them into a sentence.


Word search Bingo - Give a sheet of paper to your child with a list of words from the chapter of a book you are going to read to them.As you read the book your child can circle the words they hear.


Word Families Words that rhyme - Children will see patterns in text and encourage them to group sets of letters within a word, for example, hop, list all the words you can think of to go with hop, top,pop,stop,mop,etc.


Scrabble - This can be as easy or as hard as you make it, children can choose their own sounds or select without seeing.


Book Making - Children can make up their own story book from Project X, they all have a favourite. Add themselves to Team X and create a BITE -Can they escape, do they defeat the BITE and get the code key?


Create a Project X Game - using the cards they have been given, make up a board game and add the different BITES, give each one a sound.


TopTrumps - It Using the cards they have been given, we have played this, so children can teach you! I would love to see what the children have done when we return back to school or send images to Mrs Norton.


Take care everyone and hope to see you all very soon. Lots of smiles to you all,


Mrs Barnes


Download the book here

Invisible Threat

Download the book here

Tower Trouble

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Part 2 of The Invisible Threat Statue Surprise

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Scare in the Air

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Secrets of the Stone

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Download the book here

Into the Pyramid