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Our School Day

8.40am School opens

11.15am Break

12:30pm Lunchtime begins

1:30pm Lunchtime ends

3.30pm School ends

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Grey trousers, shorts, skirt or pinafore, white shirt, green BJS sweatshirt,green BJS cardigan or green v-necked sweater and school tie.  Striped or green check dress in the warmer weather.

Flat heeled, comfortable black shoes.


P.E. Kit:

  • black shorts with elasticated waist [not cycling shorts]

  • plain white T-shirt

  • •black or white pumps for indoor or outdoor use

  • trainers for outdoor use


Football kit is optional for boys and girls - (any style and colour).It can be worn for hockey, rugby and football skills/games.

Winter: Plain navy  jogging bottoms and a navy sweatshirt for games sessions. Navy blue BJS jogging suit available from the school*.

If being bought elsewhere it must be plain navy blue with no logos or stripes.


General: No nail varnish or Jewellery are permitted, with the exception of sleeper studs.

During P.E lessons earrings should be removed to ensure safety. Children must be responsible for removing their own ear studs and for keeping them safe during P.E./Games.

Children who cannot remove earrings will be required to supply and apply their own Micro-Pore tape for safety reasons.

Excessive use of hair gel and extremes of hair style are not permitted.


An Art overall is required for Art and Craft lessons.

This could be an old shirt

or T-shirt

•Sweatshirts, cardigans,school ties (clip on or tied) and jogging suits may be ordered through the school office.

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Meals are cooked on the school premises and always include fresh and cooked vegetables and fresh fruit. These are of good quality giving a range of choice.


Organic products including sausages and chicken have been added to the menu.


Parents may alternatively provide a packed lunch

for their children.

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school meals


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Lunchtimes are supervised by a team of caring Play Leaders, led by Mrs. Reeves-Brown, who do their best to ensure that children are safe and happy during the lunchtime period. Volunteer pupils from Years 5 and 6 help out at lunchtime. They apply for the position of Lunchtime Facilitator, receive training and undertake a range of duties on a rota basis for part of their lunchtime each day. We find that this gives many children a real sense of purpose and responsibility

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School Uniform

We want our children to feel proud of our school and believe that school uniform reflects and

reinforces the importance of being part of a community. The school colours are bottle green, grey and white.

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Free School Meals

Sweatshirt and Tie Form