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Description through a Rainforest


I followed a creek into the rainforest and suddenly I was surrounded by animals, trees and plants all below the canopy. My heart thumped behind my ribs.

“Dare I explore?” I asked myself.

I took a few steps forward and whoosh! I found myself sliding down a slippery slope and that led to a clear blue river. Half way through the river I met a giant anaconda! I like it but it didn't like me and the chase was on!


I swam through murky water to the river bank and scrambled out  - I had escaped! Suddenly I found myself in the heart of the forest in a dense curtain of trees and colourful plants. The emerald green leaves hung on the ancient trees above me and hid most of the sky making the forest dark and scary. The sun's orange glow peeked through the cracks of the canopy.


I Heard toucans squawking, jaguars sprinting, gorillas charging in the morning mist of the rainforest. Suddenly the bushes beside me rustled and as I turned my head the long nose of a tapir poked through. It made me jump and I hurried on my way. Tree roots and vines criss-crossed the trail.

What was that?


As I bobbed up and down on the glistening, sapphire blue stream, I wondered what I would find in the mysterious rainforest.  I climbed carefully out of my rickety, rackety boat and quietly tip-toed along the dusty, powdery beach and into the fresh, vibrant forest.


The rainforest was damp but sizzling hot!  It was leafy, dark and gloomy and very, very noisy!  There were frogs croaking and bees buzzing.  There were parrots flying and lemurs swinging.  Noises were here and noises were there, there were basically noises everywhere!  Meanwhile, a cunning tiger and tricky leopard were cooking up a nasty plan!....


When I had just started to calm down and enjoy myself, all the animals ran away.  “I wonder what they're scared about?” I question myself.  Next, it was silent.  Soon I heard soft padded paws creeping slowly towards me.  PAT, PAT, PAT, PAT, PAT went the creature.  “Is there one creature or two? Three or four?” I nervously asked myself.  Afterwards, in a clearing I saw two terrifying dark shadows travelling creepily towards me.  I Froze.  My heart sped up.  I was truly terrified!  I ran.  As I looked back and the two shadows came into sight, I saw a treacherous tiger and livid leopard.  The tiger was zebra striped, orange coloured and long tailed.  The leopard was giraffe spotted, yellow coloured and long tailed too!  Both of them were as fast as lightening.  


To escape from this horrible nightmare, I climbed a skyscraper tree which reached high up as if it was trying to touch a fluffy, white cloud.  I giggled to myself as the tiger and leopard ran on and on and on, until the shimmering moon came out.  While I climbed down from the tree I smelt something fragrant.  It was a pink flower, so I picked it.  I followed the sound of the flowing stream back to my creaky boat and looked at the flower, wondering one last thing.  “Will the rainforest still be here when I come back?”

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Linked to our topic on tropical rainforests, we have been exploring and experimenting with different paint techniques to create texture in our work.


Some of us used toothbrushes to spatter different coloured poster paints on to our work. We particularly enjoyed getting messy by sponging texture onto our work and Rhys discovered that by dragging a tool that looked like a hair comb over his paintwork that it left an interesting pattern that looked really effective.

We enjoyed exploring these textures for ourselves and we applied the finishing touches by backing our work using a selection of different papers and embossing further texture on to these.

We hope you enjoy the results as much as we do.


We learnt that there are a diverse range of reptiles and amphibians.We researched in pairs then used sketchbooks to draw lots of different types of these reptiles and amphibians native to tropical rainforests around the world.

We were amazed to see just how many

different types of frog there were. Our

favourites species was the Blue

Poison Dart Frog. King Cobras and

Saltwater Crocodiles were also a firm

favourite amongst the class.

f Lyla d Amy a

We each picked our favourite creature and  then learnt how to refine our search for images on Google by asking the search engine to retrieve line drawing images only. Once printed we traced our chosen image on A4 paper, went over the details with black marker pen and finally our image was duplicated.    

We were then ready to recreate our reptilian and amphibian textured skin using watercolour and poster paints. Lots of us experimented with applying a watercolour wash over our image before sprinkling large salt crystals over the paint. Once dried we discovered that the salt had absorbed some of the paint to leave pocked/ speckled marks that looked just like the scaly skin of our cold blooded friends.