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Dear Children,


Well, what can I say?   First of all thank you so much for your expertise, time, skills and patience that you all demonstrated when building little old me- X Ray (by the way I love my name!)


I have really enjoyed being a part of Year 4 and have secretly been poking around your classroom and looking at all of your great work.  In particular- I really loved the chalk drawings of my friend The Iron Man.  I’ll be sure to let him know about your artistic skills. Although I think you made him a little more handsome than he really is!


I really do feel a part of the class now and couldn’t wish for a better home, particularly since I share it with all 31 of you.  However there is one thing that I feel particularly sad about and that is the long dark evenings.  I feel so lonely when you all go home.  Sure I have the company of Miss Gallagher for a little while after you lot vanish, but just when it starts to grow darker outside Miss Gallagher leaves too, and once again the lights go out.  To be honest I’m not so keen on the dark.


So this is why I’m writing this letter to you. You see, I need some friends- robot friends. But as you have probably guessed I am very fussy indeed so I must insist that my robot friends have special qualities.  I don’t just make friends with anybody you know!


Firstly I want them to move because there’s nothing worse than a stiff robot! Secondly, I’d like my new friends to have eyes that light up at the flick of a switch! Thirdly, my friends must look like fun robots!


I hope you can all help me once again. I can’t wait to meet my new robot friends!


Yours truly,



The Making of X-Ray...

We have been building a robot. The robot's body is split into six parts. The torso, head, left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg.


We made him out of junk and called him X-Ray because they were the only letter left on the computer keyboard. We all had a role. There were technicians, checkers, challengers, facilitators and materials managers.


Ted & Toby

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