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Making the rugby balls was good Jack W -3ED



Darcie C 3ED -  yesterday was amazing. I liked playing rugby the best.


Poppy 'when we went to make our rugby balls it was different to the ones we played with great' 'I'm glad ours weren't made from pigs bladders though'

Charlie 5SS 'I liked making the rugby balls because you don't get to do that'


Jessica 6BG, it was great to see the 19 artist's effort all in one place.



Sam C, 6BG - I loved how everyone came together to make this amazing exhibition. I think it's a great role model for the World Cup.


Thomas M 5ss 'I loved the imaginative art work'


Annabel B 5SS 'I liked playing the tag rugby as it was not at violent as the real game'

I liked seeing the X-ray or the scrum.

We did loads of stuff we don't usually get to do in school.

We're getting better at stitching.

As the Rugby World Cup kick off we visited Rugby Art Gallery and Museum. We made our own rugby balls and looked art the art work. Then we headed off to the "Fanzone" where we took part in some tag rugby training and played some games.