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Here at BJS we inspire children’s natural curiosity to question the world around them, challenge their scientific thinking and knowledge and enable them to develop strategies to achieve the answer to these questions and pose more.   Covering the National curriculum for Science and beyond we aim to ensure that all pupils develop scientific knowledge and understanding through the specific disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, that they develop a secure understanding of the nature, processes and methods of science through working scientifically to help them understand the uses and implications of science today

and for the future.


We are well resourced for Science at BJS and make good use of ICT as well as our extensive grounds and allotment for our cross curricular approach to Science.  We are currently working towards the Primary Quality Science Mark.  We participate in British Science week each year and have links with the popular Fizz Pop Science who run a Science club at school.  We have links with our neighbours Rugby High school who run an annual Science class for upper Key Stage 2 and have welcomed Scientists from Warwick University to work with Year 5.

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