Mrs A Norton Headteacher

Miss A Lewis Assistant Head

Upper Phase

Mrs K Webb Deputy Headteacher

Mrs A Thompson Assistant Head

Lower Phase

There are three houses in our school.

Chestnut, Oak and Sycamore. Each house has a class from Year 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Classes have learning support assistants assigned. Houses have Play Leaders assigned.


Mrs A Clarke - Office Assistant

Mrs N Doyle - Office Assistant

Mrs C Holmes - Office Assistant

Mrs S Worral - Office Assistant

Mrs S Hodgson - Home School Support

Mrs N Strefford -School Business Manager

Mrs A Ravenhall - SEND Teacher

Mrs P Bates - Communications and

Media Officer

Chestnut House

Mr K Cantillon - Teacher 6KC

Miss E Shillcock - Teacher 5ES

Mrs L Fletcher - Teacher 4VF

Mrs N Vipond - Teacher 4VF

Ms E Davies - Teacher 3ED

Mme Jago - Languages Teacher

Mrs L Barnes - HLTA

Mrs J Thomas - HLTA

Mrs C Gibson - LSA

Mrs D Jones - LSA

Mrs V Jones -LSA

Mrs M King - LSA

Miss A Vowles - Apprentice LSA

Mrs T Wilson - Shrubb - LSA

Oak House

Mrs A Thompson - Teacher 6AT

Mrs M Burton - Teacher 5MB

Miss R York - Teacher 5MB

Mrs S Stevens - Teacher 4SS

Miss A Lewis - Teacher 3AL

Mrs E Spraget - HLTA

Mrs B Palmer - LSA

Mrs G Talbot - LSA

Mrs J Varney - LSA

Miss A Walter - Apprentice LSA

Sycamore House

Mrs C Stanford - Teacher 6SM

Mrs F McKee - Teacher 6SM

Mrs J Bowler-Smith - Teacher 5JB

Miss C Cartmel - Teacher 4CC

Mrs J Evans - Teacher 3JE

Mrs D Bodepudi - Teacher

Mrs S Khan - HLTA

Mr A Clarke - LSA

Mrs V Edwards - LSA

Miss C Mulvaney - LSA

Mrs K Teasdale - Apprentice LSA

Mrs M Warriner - LSA

Miss R Watkins - LSA


Mr Wilson - Senior Play Leader

Mrs Begu - Play Leader - Sycamore

Mrs Cahill - Play Leader - Chestnut

Miss Conopo - Play Leader - Oak

Mrs Court - Play Leader - Oak

Miss Donovan - Play Leader - Oak

Mr Hughes - Play Leader - Chestnut

Mrs Lambert - Play Leader - Oak

Ms O'Donnell - Play Leader - Sycamore

Mrs Phillips - Play Leader - Sycamore

Mrs Phipps - Play Leader

Mrs Smith - Play Leader - Chestnut

Mrs Teasdale - Play Leader - Sycamore

Miss Thomas - Play Leader - Sycamore

Miss Thompson - Play Leader -Chestnut


Mrs A Pepper

Mrs C Humphrey

Mrs S Baker

Caretaking & Cleaning

Mrs S Ingram- Caretaker

Miss K Conopo

Mrs T Lawati

Mrs A Pepper

The Haven

Mrs L Barnes

Mrs J Finch

Mrs G Saini

Mrs E Spraget

There are no employees with gross annual salary of £100,000 or more