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is our Values for Life focus

for this half term.

Trust is the basis for all good relationships, including a person's relationship with God. It is rooted in truth and trust grows when we treat each other with honesty and integrity.


In school through our assemblies we will be looking at practical ways that we can build trust between one another. We will be thinking about how it feels when a trust between people is broken and how we can repair bonds.

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"I can trust those around me to help"     Amy  

"Excitement, trusting and confronting fears"



" It's as not as bad as you think if you have trust"



"Trust was valuable and needed to get through every activity"



"Trusting the Instructors"


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The Storm on the Lake


The disciples were exhausted; throughout the day crowds of people had been following Jesus, listening  to every word as he shared God’s love with them and watching as he healed the ill. As evening came Jesus saw how tired his friends were and said to them, “Let’s get a boat and go over to the other side of the lake.”

They began to row across the lake. Jesus went to the front of the boat and lay down, with the waves lapping gently against the side of the boat tirednees overcame Jesus and he was lulled into a into a peaceful sleep.


Suddenly, the wind began to blow storm clouds across the sky and the waves weren’t so gentle anymore. The little boat began to rise and fall in the violent swell. The disciples looked anxiously across the lake. But Jesus still lay sleeping peacefully in the front of the boat. The wind howled and squalls rocked the boat. Everyone was soaked through from the rain; still Jesus slept at peace at the front of the small boat.


By the time they reached the centre of the lake, the wind had turned into an angry gale that whipped the waves so high that they washed right over the boat. The disciples were terrified they even thought they might drown but still Jesus slept.

Finally, one of Jesus’ friends went and shook him awake.

“Lord and Master,” he cried, “do you not care if we drown?”

Jesus felt the angry howling wind, felt the cold, stinging spray of the waves and recognised the fear in the faces of his disciples.

Jesus stood tall, stretched out his arms to the storm, and commanded: “Peace! Be still!” At once the wind died down and the lake became calm and still.

Turning to them, Jesus asked the disciples: “Why are you so afraid? Do you not trust me?”

Trust must be earned. It is really hard to build a good friendship with someone if we can not trust them.

Think about:

What is trust?

Who can you trust?

How can we show we are trustworthy?

Why is it important to trust you team mates?