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Our values are very important to us and through worship and our reflection boards in the classrooms, everyone is encouraged to respond to the values and live them!

This half term the value we are working on is...


house hope

Biblically based Christian values are lived by everyone. Forgiveness and reconciliation underpin behaviour and relationships. The harmony in the community is overwhelming. ‘Fullness of life’ for adults is not overlooked. They are always ‘watched over with love’, and therefore, highly effective for their pupils.

SIAMS January 2020

Dear Lord

Thank you for making this amazing world.

Thank you for making it so beautiful.

Thank you for loving every person you’ve made in the whole world.

Please help us to look after the world.

Please help us to look after each other.

A prayer of HOPE for the world

Please stop climate change hurting people and all your creatures.

Please help us not to be greedy, and trust you to give us enough.

Please help us to share what you’ve given us.


Write something worth reading

Read something worth sharing

Say something worth repeating

Give something worth getting


Today, I hope to

Cook something new

Smile at a stranger

Recieve a smile from somone I don't know yet

Talk to a friend




Treasure those I love

Be kind to myself and others

Listen to some music that uplifts me

Teach something worth learning