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We have been learning about the Yanomami that live in the Amazon Rainforest. Here are some photos of what the Yanomami boys and girls do all day.

Harry and Caleb

In this photo you can see Caleb on the right, Oliver in the middle and Jarred on the left. They are building a yano. A yano is a home for the Yanomami tribe. It takes about 12 hours 30 minutes to build a yano. It takes abou 4 - 7 people to build a yano. This is where the Yanomami tribe lives.

Ella and Rhys

We had great fun pretending we lived in Yanomami. We pretended to paint our bodies. It would take a long time. The girls would get out their mirrors - this was because they were going to a festival after the men had been hunting.

Blake and Libby

Yanomami tribe 1 Yanomami tribe 2 Yanomami tribe 3 Yanomami tribe 4 Yanomami tribe 5

We all went around the fire, warmed our hands and had a feast. We were in the yano.

Toby and Mia

Yanomami tribe 14

In this picture the Yanomami tribe girls are learning Portuguese and their own language because they live in South America. They are also learning stuff like how to find and grow food. They are also learning how to clean their clothes and knowing when fruit is ready and ripe. These girls are in the yano at school.

Ted and Lizzie

These Yanomami children are catching fish with their spears and diving in to grab the fish and tasty things to eat. If they catch lots of fish they have a feast. They also have to swim at the same time.

Lyla and Egan

Yanomami tribe 6 Yanomami tribe 7 Yanomami tribe 8

Here we were acting what a Yanomami family do all day. This boy is hunting for food to eat. Only the boys go hunting. The girls stay and cook for the big feast in the evening. They make cocktails out of peaches and other rainforest fruits. They use juicy plants to turn into medicine so they can survive. We were sitting by a burning fire having a feast and we danced around the table singing "wou wou wou."

Abbie and Kian

The Yanomami children have to mix their own food and find it in the rainforest. They take it home to their family and then they cook it and  have a big feast. Next the Yanomami children collect plants and flowers to make medicine. Afterwards the women go down to the Amazon river and wash the pots and pans.


They are washing in the Amazon river. These girls are are from Yanomami tribe based in the Amazon river. They wash themselves to keep clean. They also wash for a special feast. They wash all their body not one part of their body. They are the same as us.

Tehillah and Harry

Yanomami tribe 9 Yanomami tribe 11 Yanomami tribe 13

The Yanomami tribe are cheering and dancing a brilliant wild boar feast! Every single Yanomami child and adult in the tribe. They all have painted their faces and bodies with red dye. The Yanomami tribe live in the Amazon rainforest. We are having a festival, we are all shouting "wusa wusa!"

Lauren and Qamran

Here is a Yanomami tribesman firing a poison dart at a wild boar hunt. He has a blowgun with poison extracted from the poison dart frog. In the background another hunter is getting ready to hunt. They are trying to chase and kill an immense boar. The white birds in the bakground are trying to escape the hunters. Animals ran away as the hunters came through. These people were hunting because of a great feast that night.

Jarrad and Amy

We danced after the feast as the big part of the celebration. We stopped in a line around the yano and we followed Chief Gallagher around the room. There were 39 people in the yano when the celebration was going on.