I am Mrs. Pam Bates and I am the Communications and Marketing Officer at school. My role encompasses a variety of things designed to support communication and fundraising within the school community.

I produce the school bulletin on a weekly basis, which is created based on contributions from throughout the school community and includes Mrs. Norton's weekly headlines, important notices and information, features of interest based on activities, issues and people within the school. You will also find details about events, after-school and holiday clubs as well as key dates and fundraising updates.


The Sanctuary

We are so excited to tell you we have now secured all the funding for The Sanctuary. The building will now be a Rotunda Roundhouse, we feel that this will offer a lovely welcoming space for our children and will be the primary place for our wellbeing activities. The Rotunda will be a handcrafted and bespoke timber framed eco-building.

The ability to move to a different environment will support our children with varying needs and ensure their wellbeing by offering them a specific space to use for discussions and gentle activities. as well as providing a dedicated space for circle time. This will be an emotionally safe environment within which teachers can work with children to help them with the social and emotional aspects of their learning . We are so proud to be making a start on the next phase of this project and we want to thank you for all your help in getting us this far. We will keep you updated with how the building is progressing once we make a


Thank You

We have been very lucky to have been able to have funding from a number of different people and we would like to say a huge thanks to all who have contributed:

· Rugby Group Benevolent Fund

· EHCG Grant

· Gullivers Theme Parks

· Hafele

· Loubie Lous

· JustGiving parent donations


· Pub in the Park

· Pupils (3ES)

· Rugby Borough Council

· Stratford Butterfly Farm

· Triton Showers

· Warwickshire Wildlife Trust


· WindowsPlus

· Year 6 Parents 2019

There is a cohort of youngsters within the school who fall out outside of the criteria for receiving pupil premium funding and yet they are in a very similar situation to these families, this fund has been created to support these children within Bilton C of E Junior school. This additional financial support will enable these youngsters to thrive and develop within the school community, at present there is little or no funding available to support these youngsters and their family.

As a gift to the school, Mrs Norton has set up a charitable fund, called 'Halo' as part of BJS School Fund. Her donations to the fund will be to help support children from vulnerable backgrounds at Bilton C of E Junior School.

We hope others too may wish to contribute over coming years to the fund to help pay for music lessons, run a choir, give access to sports and/or help children to be able to access educational visits.

Donations can be made via: https://www.pay360educationpayments.com/

Under Fees & Subs > Halo Donations > The amount which can be donated is variable so any contribution would really help these youngsters, as well as being a great tribute to Mrs Norton’s kindness and generosity.



Press Releases

We are incredibly proud to be able to celebrate our achievements with our wider community. We have completed so many amazing things at school, here’s what they say about us in the news


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