‘Pupils’ eyes light up when they talk about the topics that they cover in the curriculum.’ OFSTED February 2018


Design and Technology

The teaching of Design and Technology is a process that combines intellectual and practical skills through purposeful activities. The creative process in which pupils are involved is interactive but involves a series of identifiable processes including:

investigating a need or design opportunity

developing design proposals, and modifying them in light of evaluation

planning for implementation of the design solution

making of the proposed solution

evaluating the effectiveness of the process they are engaged in and the product they have made

The knowledge used in Design and Technology is critical to the sound development of useful products. This knowledge and understanding will be taught specifically within Design and Technology, but will also be drawn from other curriculum areas such as Science, Numeracy, Literacy, Art and Information and Communication Technology. Design and Technology will also contribute to other curriculum areas.

The nature of Design and Technology is such that it should provide opportunities for pupils to engage in activities that are challenging, relevant and motivating. This should give pupils enjoyment, satisfaction and a sense of purpose, and enable them to feel they can play a constructive role in a technological society.

Design and Technology contributes to the personal and social development of pupils, providing opportunities for pupils to develop their powers to innovate; to create new solutions; work as individuals, in groups, in teams; to discuss their ideas, plans and progress; to be independent; and to raise their self esteem through the successful completion of real tasks.

Design and Technology is making for a purpose. It is a complete process requiring practical capability, creativity, inventiveness and innovation. It is about learning to recognise people’s needs and wants and developing ideas to meet them. In this subject pupils learn not only to design and make but also through designing and making.


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