‘Pupils’ eyes light up when they talk about the topics that they cover in the curriculum.’ OFSTED February 2018



The study of Humanities inspires children to learn about the past, ranging from the immediate locality to the wider world; it is concerned with the study of places, the human and physical process which shape them and the people who live in them. It helps pupils make sense of their surroundings and the wider world.

At Bilton Junior School our aims of Humanities are:


Our History curriculum has a broad range. Children learn about Stone Age hunter gatherers right through to the experiences of the Second Word War and up to the present day. Pupils look at the way people have lived through different periods of History and the changes that impacted on their lives. Historical stories, documents from the periods as well as artefacts are all used to build a picture of how life was in the past. Children take part in educational visits to further enhance their historical understanding.

At BJS we:

encourage an interest in the past and develop children’s understanding of History

want children to enjoy what they are learning about

to develop a sense of chronology and how events link together

study European History as well as covering aspects of History from the wider world

aim to develop the skills of enquiry, investigation, analysis, evaluation and presentation

make links with other subjects


Our Geography curriculum enables children to study places and issues at a range of scales from local to global. Children learn about their own locality and contrasting localities in the UK and across the world. Children gain knowledge and understanding about how human and physical processes interact and change over time. Geographical skills are developed across the key stage through fieldwork, use of maps, atlases, globes and digital mapping. Fieldtrips are planned to gain fieldwork skills collect data to support enquiries about relevant issues and give the children experiences of geography beyond the school gate.

At BJS we:

inspire children to ask and answer questions about the world in which they live,

build a solid locational knowledge of the countries of the world,

develop a fascination of the world’s diverse places, people, resources and environments and to challenge stereotyped images of people and places,

create strong links between Geography and other subjects, particularly SMSC,

raise awareness of topical global issues and encourage children to become responsible global citizens of the future.


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