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BJS MFL Intent, Implementation and Impact



Modern Foreign Languages are an important aspect of a child’s primary education.  They give a window to the world, providing cultural capital, but they also support children as they learn to communicate in a multi-cultural world.  Modern Foreign Languages can help children in their knowledge and understanding of their own native language and can also enhance and support many other areas of the curriculum.


In MFL at BJS, children progress as they go through the school studying the same language from Year 3 to Year 6.  As they go through the school they will continue to progress with their knowledge of phonics, vocabulary and grammatical structures.  The topics studied have been chosen in a certain order so that knowledge learned in one topic can then be enhanced in the next and that all knowledge can be revisited in later topics to improve retention.


Certain topics have been chosen to create cross curricular links.  This involves teaching Italian and German in individual units where pupils will learn how the knowledge they have acquired in French can be applied in other languages.



All MFL lessons are delivered by a specialist MFL teacher.  Topics follow a similar structure using songs, games and activities to learn and embed the language.  The students enjoy the familiarity of the routines and the games that they know.

As children move through the school, the content of the lessons is adjusted to reinforce the grammar and vocabulary that is being covered.  Grammar and phonics points are explained explicitly and the games are designed to keep the pupils engaged as they practice the specific knowledge area.  Children are given plenty of opportunities to revisit previous topics, both in standalone activities and through integrating them into later topics.  This gives the children the opportunity to explore language as a rich, connected communication tool not just a series of distinct topics.

New ideas are always being investigated to make sure that all the skill areas of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing are being used by students and that lessons stay interesting and engaging.

At BJS we want children to develop a love of languages.  We want them to feel comfortable and enthusiastic about communicating and expressing themselves in different ways whilst laying a solid foundation for life-long learning.



BJS MFL Knowledge Map