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I am Mrs Pam Bates and I am the Communications and Marketing Officer at school. My role encompasses a variety of things designed to support communication and fundraising within our school community.


I produce the school bulletin on a weekly basis, which is created based on contributions from throughout the school community and includes Mrs Ross's weekly headlines, important notices and information, features of interest based on activities, issues and people within the school. You will also find details about events, after-school and holiday clubs as well as key dates and fundraising updates.


I am responsible for managing the school’s Facebook page, where I am able to share activities that are taking place in school and also interesting events and issues that may be of interest to our parents and carers.


A very exciting project that I have been involved in is to raise funds for our Sanctuary. This has been completed and is now an incredible and innovative space designed to support wellbeing within the school and the wider community. Copies of the Simply Sanctuary update are available in this page.


I thoroughly enjoy producing press releases for the school and being able to celebrate all of the amazing things we do here at school from the poppy wall we created in November 2018, through to celebrating difference with the Ups of Downs and more recently our fundraising for the Ukraine and the opening of our garden of reflection. Copies of press releases can also be seen on this page.

I work closely alongside our PTA team and as well as being the current Vice Chair I also produce all of the marketing materials to promote the PTA and other school events. The latest school and PTA events can also be seen within the PTA section of the website. I produce a FundZine magazine which will keep everyone up to date with activities that have taken place and donations made to the school.


If you have any fundraising ideas or suggestions for things to include in the bulletin please get in touch or chat to me if you see me around school. I am always keen to hear from you :-). My email address is



Many thanks to those of you who have contributed to the Halo fund too, please contact the office for details of how you can make a donation