‘Pupils’ eyes light up when they talk about the topics that they cover in the curriculum.’ OFSTED February 2018



At Bilton CE Junior School, we follow a Teaching for Mastery approach to Mathematics. We spend more time on key topics, using a small steps approach to build upon prior knowledge and develop fluency and understanding. We believe that all children can be successful in Mathematics and by developing a growth mindset, pupils develop resilience and perseverance when reasoning and solving problems.

We are confident that learning at a steadier and deeper pace benefits all children. Teaching for Mastery ensures no child is left behind as well as providing challenges for children who grasp the content quickly.

We have high expectations for all children. Evidence shows that all children need to develop a deeper understanding of concepts to be able to make connections, apply their understanding to a range of situations and creatively solve problems. We provide rapid intervention as needed daily to enable pupils to keep up and provide additional time, experiences and resources to ensure pupils can access the learning of their peers. Targeted questioning and challenges are provided in lessons to stretch and deepen understanding of pupils who grasp concepts quickly.

Enrichment activities include The Primary Maths Challenge, YouCube’s Week of Inspirational Maths, our Multiplication Grand Slam competition and The Young Mathematicians Award – of which we have previously been the national winner!

In lessons you will see:

We use Power Maths scheme of work to support our teaching.

We are spending longer on one problem or concept.

Whole class participation with pupils taught together.

Independent practise time where pupils apply their new knowledge in multiple ways.

Pupils using practical resources and talking to each other to secure their learning and try out ideas.

Teachers targeting questions to individuals to deepen their knowledge.

Immediate verbal feedback during lessons and self-marking by pupils.

Pupils working in mixed ability groups.

High expectations of pupil responses in full sentences with mathematical terminology and explanations.

Use of real-life applications wherever possible to make learning relevant.

Giving children who need it, additional support, to help them catch up with their peers.

Regular reviews of learning.


BJS uses Mathletics as part of our mathematics program at school. Mathletics is a targeted, rewarding and captivating online learning resource, which is aligned to curriculum standards. Children are set homework on Mathletics and simply sign in with their school username and password. The extra Mathletics practice at home can make all the difference to children’s progress.

Growth Mindset in Maths

Some people believe that their intelligence is more or less fixed and in maths – that you can do maths or you can’t. Students with a fixed mindset are those who are more likely to give up easily, whereas students with a growth mindset are those who keep going even when work is hard, and who are persistent. We encourage our children to have a growth mindset in maths – to not say “I can’t do this,” but “I can’t do this yet.”

It is not unusual for people to say “I can’t do maths”. This can be very damaging for pupils to hear and it reinforced the myth that there are ‘maths’ people who are naturally good at maths. Encourage your children to keep practising their maths and please never tell them that you can’t do it!

Celebrating Maths at BJS

Every week, teachers award ‘Mathematician of the Week’ to someone who has been working hard in maths and certificates are given out in assembly.

Children who earn a weekly target of 1000 points on Mathletics earn a certificate, building through bronze, silver and gold across the school year. Go for gold!

In the Autumn term, children can win the ‘Mathematical Reasoning’ certificate by entering into a ‘Which One Doesn’t Belong’ competition.

In the Spring Term, children can enter Miss Cartmel’s Weekly Algebra Puzzle – families are encouraged to join in too!

In the Spring Term, BJS take part in 'Spring Slam' a school-wide timestable competition. Every week, each class does a timed times tables quiz and the class in each year with the highest average score and most improved average score gets a certificate. This means that everyone's score matters and everyone can work hard to improve their class's average score. There are even 5 bonus points available for anyone who gets full marks! Get practicing your times tables at home to help your class win the next Spring Slam!

The top 4 children from each class were invited to a ‘Grand Slam’ competition in front of their parents. The children tackled timestable quizzes and games to see which house could gain the most points!


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