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Industrial Action

Dear Parents / Carers

Industrial Action

We have had some responses to the communication about the upcoming industrial action and I wanted to reply to the whole community.

Firstly, we appreciate and are fully aware of the disturbance this causes to people's lives and more importantly to the education of your children. We also appreciate your support during the last few months as this action has continued. Every member of our school community wants the best for the children and works hard to support them in achieving their goals. I hope as parents and carers you see and understand this.

Secondly, as referred to in previous communications, we respect the right of individuals to take industrial action to stand up for what they believe in. 

Finally, as a school leader, I have legal obligations and frameworks to work within, in regard to everything about the running of a school, which includes situations such as the current ongoing industrial action. I appreciate that it seems unfair that some children come into school and others do not, however in every decision I make I have to consider the legality of what I ask the staff of this school to do. Legally teachers "cannot be compelled to provide cover for other teachers during industrial action" and this limits how I can assign staff during action such as this.

As I have said, as an educator and a parent, I understand the frustrations and concerns you have and can only assure you that we do what we can within the legal frameworks we abide by to open schools as best we can in difficult times.

Kind regards and thanks for your support during these times.

Ed Newton

Executive Headteacher

Bilton Community Federation